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Welcome to Voice and Vision
We advocate and offer peer support to families and individuals who are living with mental illness, developmental disabilities and addictions.
We hear Your Voice!

Our teams advocate for the provision of person-centered, resiliency-focused, hope based mental health, drug & alcohol and developmental disability services in Bucks County.
Support to Develop your Vision!

Families supporting families, youth supporting youth, and people in recovery all helping others to find resources, go to college, identify a vision and educate the community.
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Looking for more information? Think of us as your resource center. We would like to share several resources for support, services and activities in Bucks County.
We are living proof that labels like mental illness, disabilities and addictions don’t define us or stop us from living out our dreams – labels are for products not for people - call us!
Where to go from here:

We recognize that many people need help to overcome the struggles of life. Our mission is to give those that need it a helping hand, an encouraging word and the necessary resources to thrive in spite of difficulties.

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